The Shield Series

Crosscurrents of cultural relevance tug at the visceral edges of perception, as we try to assign visual recognition with historical antecedents. Formed by a blended hierarchy of understood worth and social strata, these shields were wrought to affirm both a milieu of superiority and a sense of safety.

Lost in a world of installations, the object seems destined to a lonely orphanage, with no relevance or meaningful appurtenance. Without consistent shapes, sizes or structure, the connection begs for a more apparent motif, a seminal event that contectualizes and justifies their existence.

Yet it is in their very differences that the relationships become more meaningful. As the search for meaning transcends the millennia, this very affirmation in its cross-cultural context, delineates a past upon which we can build. The cultural relevance of the shadow world looms large in the indifference of tomorrow.

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